The Increase In Popularity Of Solar Shingles

People have thought about solar power and how to implement it into the household, without compromising the look or the safety of the structure, for a long time. And there have been some great ideas, but the tech limits made it impossible to make solar roofs a thing, until several years ago.


Even then the costs of installation and maintenance of such roof were too expensive for the majority of householders.
Times change and technology advances and thus solar roofs became affordable for average people. Right now there are several different types of solar roofing options and the difference between those lies in the looks as well as price and the returns it provides.

Elon Musk and his contribution to solar roofing

Tesla MotorsElon Musk is a visionary individual whose ideas advance the technology in multiple areas of industry. His work is separated in two distinct paths. The first path is focused on researching new technologies that will improve the humanity in a long-term. On the other hand, the second path focuses on small breakthroughs in tech that improve the society in a short-term. Solar roof shingles belong to the second path. Solar shingles and other roofing options that supported solar power existed before Elon Musk entered this industry, but those options were expensive, and they weren’t an attractive option. His company came up with new tech that introduced a system that made it possible to create affordable solar shingles that were easy to install and maintain.

Are solar shingles a viable option for you?

If you want to install a new roof or you want to remove the old roof and install a new one then yes, this is a viable option for you. The initial costs of installation of the solar shingles might be higher than standard roofing service.


But the return in the form of electric energy offsets the difference. In fact, you will start saving money as soon as the solar roof is installed as it reduces the energy bill.