Proper roof maintenance

Damaged, deteriorated or low-quality roof is a serious issue due to significant extended damage it can cause to the rest of your property. The most important aspect of good roofing is certainly the mere roof construction and the chosen material. If you’ve invested a significant amount of money and conducted the roofing procedure with a professional roofing company, that will ensure that your roof has a good quality. However, in the absence of regular maintenance, there’s a high risk of your roof getting damaged and losing quality over the time. Especially if you live in the area with challenging weather conditions. Here are some useful and effective tips for maintenance and increasing the durability of your roof.

Keep it dry

Stagnation of water at the surface of your roof is one of the biggest threats to the quality and durability of your roof. Thus, make sure your drainage system and pipes are cleaned regularly and function properly. Also, do the thorough inspection of the roof surface occasionally to spot cracks and damages timely and fix them immediately. Also, if you decide to wash your roof from time to time, do not use pressured water. Leave that to professional roofing companies. Pressured water will only loosen tiles and facilitate further damaging.

Ensure adequate ventilation

Temperature changes, moisture effect, even algae are common causes of roof deterioration, frequently required reparations, even replacement of the roof every few years. To avoid all of this and ensure long lifespan to your roof, make sure it gets proper ventilation. Solid ventilation prevents shingles from buckling and improves energy efficiency during all the seasons and weather conditions. To check if your ventilation system is providing effective conditioning, check your roof from the inside every once in a while. If you spot cracks, deterioration and mold stains, clean and fix these and improve the ventilation.

Zinc against algae and moss

Algae and moss-inhabiting roof surface is a common problem that requires regular treatment to protect the quality of your roof. There is no way to remove these visitors once for all in one move, but you can keep them under control effectively.

Install zinc strips and let the rain do the rest. When the zinc is spread over the roof surface, it effects the growth of algae and moss and removes them without damaging the quality of roofing material. Avoid using aggressive chemicals, such as chlorine or bleach.

Avoid painting roof surface

Every roofing material, however good and quality it is, shows some signs of being worn out over the time. If you have the same roof for a decade, it is impossible not to spot the effect of aging. This motivates many people to paint and repaint the roof surface in an attempt to give it a look of being brand new. You should avoid painting, at least before consulting a professional roofing company, because most paints will give a short lasting good look to the roof, but in fact increase deterioration of the roofing material.