Guidelines for hiring a certificated roofer in Bergen country, NJ

Whether you have recently moved to New Jersey and planning to build your residence or you already live there, but need occasional home improvements or reparations, a reliable local roofing contractor comes handy at any time. Considering the scope of the project and the fact that roofing usually requires significant financial investments, having the job done by a true professional is highly recommended. Fortunately, there are numerous local contractors providing high-quality roof installation Bergen county nj, with the Armor roofing company being one of them, but the trick is always to distinct the reliable and professional ones from the fraudulent or low-quality contractors. Here’s a rundown of some major aspect you should check up when looking for a certificated roofer in Bergen County NJ.

Legislative background

Usually, when hiring a roofing contractor, you’d ask to see a valid license to make sure you are doing business with a reliable pro. However, one of the specifics in New Jersey is that roofers do not need a state license to work, so if your chosen roofer doesn’t have it, don’t eliminate him immediately. The recently established law regulating this field of  industry states that a roofing contractor is allowed to work without a state license, but with a mandatory registration. Also, when handling just a few family residences, neither contractor, neither do you need a permit for roofing projects. However, you will want to see a potential contractor’s certificate, as well as the certificates for all the employees and technicians who will conduct the mere work. Proofs that a contractor is a member of various national or local construction industry associations is another recommendation. Finally, you should always ask to see the insurance contract.

Certificated roofer meets some criteria

licensed rooferKeep in mind that regular legislative background of a roofing contractor is necessary, but it’s still not the guarantee of their work’s quality. Hence, try to check their financial stability and the long-term contracts they have with local suppliers of construction material. Well reputed and professional roofer utilizes quality material and comprehensive construction techniques. Also, pay attention to the safety measures the company applies while working, especially the safety gear technicians use at the terrain. Searching for the personal experiences from previous clients and their testimonials will provide you rather precise insight into the way a given roofing company operates with clients. Ask for the deadlines and pricing, because certificated and highly professional roofers meet the deadlines as planned in the contract and do not try to implement hidden costs into the total cost of the project.

Read what’s written in small font

Once you’ve gained a certain level of trust into a chosen roofing contractor, make a thorough contract with every detail of the project specified. Specify the scope of the project, deadlines, the amounts and the brand of required materials, planned techniques, number of technicians working on your project and every other important aspect. Check for all terms and regulative issues in the proposal to eliminate hidden costs or other possible issues, though you shouldn’t expect them if working with truly certificated and professional roofer.