How to make your home more appealing using your front and backyard

Today when the market is full of every product, it’s hard to stand out and get noticed. If you want to sell your house and you are unsure where to start the makeover that will have the most impact on the new home buyers than we have some good advice for you. Besides hiring the best agents, like the scottsdale real estate agent that can help you with the sale, you have to invest some time in your front and back yards. If you are wondering why the yards should have more focus then the inside of your house, well that is easy.

lawnThe moment somebody comes to inspect your home they will first come in contact with your front yard, and if they want to take a tour of the backyard and it’s not up to standard than you have a lesser chance to sell your home as they will have a negative bias towards your house.

To make your home more appealing to the average buyer start with the decoration of the front yard with some of our tips

– Keep the lawn mowed down

The longer your home is listed on the market, the more your grass will keep growing and looking wilder. If you want to leave a good impression on your potential buyers you have to start mowing that lawn and keep it short until you sell the house. It can take some time from your busy schedule but believe us your home will be sold faster this way. If you definitely don’t have time then hire the neighbor to do it for you and make sure they get compensated in a fair way as they will be another selling point for your home. The moment your neighbors are happy the better impression they will leave on the potential buyers.

– Make your garden look more alive

This is a cheap trick that will help your garden look more alive. Get some plants and flowers planted. If you don’t want to deal with the ground you can always use some potted plants. The more color you have the better as every average home does not spend time making their house more attractive, so you will have a leg up with this little nifty trick.

– Have the backyard be family friendly

The trick to selling your big home on the market is not just to invest in the remodeling of the inside part, it’s also all about making all the parts look like they are family friendly, and what better part to be family friendly than the backyard. For the husband there should be space for a barbeque, for the kids there can be a swing hanging from a tree, and for the wife a nice porch where she can picture her relaxing Sunday lunch with the family. It’s all about visualization and making people feel welcomed, don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks here as the price of your home will grow with every addition.